Yesterday, I wa…

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Yesterday, I was reminded of the reason why I keep a blog.  I was looking for some information, but for my life, I cannot remember the subject name.  In the end, I found it in an old post of the blog.  

In recent news, my wife is pregnant with our second child.  We went to the doctor for check up last week.  The little rascal actually waving at us.  Ok…fine, the kid may just be twitching, but I like to say what I like.  Its my blog afterall.  

Talking about children.  I was reading this article about a kid in Hong Kong being charged for kicking an opponent in the head.  See more here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfxZL-Dl8Wc

My take on it are (in order):

1)  Refs in this game suxk so badly, that they should be the ones who get charged.  The game degenerated to the stage that it was due to their inability to call on fouls.

2)  Its a soccer game, physical hurt is inevitable.  If you want safe, the kids should continue to play piano.  And even piano can have accident.

3)  I got a few bros in Hong Kong.  I like the food and I like the place.  HK people have always been sharp and critical.  So I am not surprise that this racial context will be blown out of proportion. 


Local tv drama

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It sux.

That pretty much sum up my feelings for the production of local tv drama.

Take this show for example.  Here’s a strong cast.  Good storyline to develop.  Relevant and compelling.  But what did the production team do?  They freaking ruin it by watering the content down to being a half-fa*k love rivalling story.  What they should have done is just pay the copyright to the story of Dr. Kumahige, and produce that.

They should have given more background information about the treatment use.  Explain what each needle & acu-point.  Give the names of the herbs, its property and what it can do.  Define the legal implications of the situations.  Basically, its the production team’s homework.  They are just too freaking cannot be bothered with their own production.  The whole show rest on the shoulders of the actors.  The problem with local production, they are too afraid to extend it out.

Do not do it like Taiwanese drama, where one good bye scene and drag on for 2 episodes…..

F1 Singapore

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F1 Singapore will want to continue.  The country is courting the event with everything the country got in its pockets.  A major fireworks when Vettel crossed the finish line is really a tell tale sign.

All the talks about looking into the grand scheme of things and weighing out the positive and negative are purely rubbish to appease the affected public and commerce that the event disrupted and not compensated for.

The street circuit that is to become of F1 race track.  It is worthy of a F1 event.  I just think that the event in itself has lots of rooms for improvement.

The race itself:  The driver that impressed me most is Lewis Hamilton.  Despite all the setback, I thought he finished strong.  However, he is becoming a driver that I love to hate.  Come on Lewis, be a villian.  Come back strong.  I like underdogs and you are becoming one.  I want you to be a Champion.